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Значение слова take down

    • Определения слова take down

      • снять (что-либо сверху), отнести, снести (что-либо вниз), убрать.
        • He took down a heavy brown volume from his shelves.
        • The first thing Pooh did was to go to the cupboard to see if he had quite a small jar of honey left; and he had, so he took it down.
        • «I have a small locker trunk in my room», I said. «Will you help take it down, Piani?»
        • Now the dwarves took down mail and weapons from the walls, and armed themselves.
        • …and I would put the key in the door and open it and go in and then take down the telephone and ask them to send a bottle of capri bianca in a silver bucket full of ice…
        • The time-traveler in the book went back to Bible times to find out one thing in particular: Whether or not Jesus had really died on the cross, or whether he had been taken down while still alive, whether he had really gone on living.
      • разбирать, разбираться (на части).
        • They’s on’y four cylinders to these here ol' Dodges. I took one down one time.
      • снести, разрушить (здание), разобрать (что-либо).
        • It lurched forward with a bellowing roar and this time it took down the main support to the left of what had been the window. That section of the roof fell in with a grinding crash. Plaster dust billowed up. The dozer pulled free.
      • записывать (что-либо).
        • Dede on horseback, Dede gathering poppies on a summer hillside, Dede taking down dictation in her swift shorthand strokes―all this was comprehensible to him.
        • I have turned on the light to take down a dream.
        • And now take down the following important remark…
        • Collet took down the address and jumped in his car.
      • осадить, сбить спесь, поставить на место.
        • I’ll take you down a peg before I get done with you.
      • распускать (волосы).
        • Can I do anything to please you? Would you like me to take down my hair?
      • сопровождать (кого-либо до места).
        • My mama take me down there a few days later.
        • Winifred was due at four o’clock; he was to take her down to a conference in the Temple with Dreamer Q.C.
      • переносить (слово)
      • сбивать (в полёте)
      • снижать (цену)
      • унижать
      • составлять
      • сводить
      • проглатывать, выпивать залпом.
        • He took down his drink as if it were a drop in the bottom of a glass.

    Синонимы к слову take down

      • bring down
      • come down
      • get down
      • pull down
      • send down
      • strip down
      • tear down
      • write down

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