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Значение слова inasmuch

    • Определения слова inasmuch

      • ввиду того; так как.
        • en (устар.)
      • ввиду того, что; поскольку.
        • только в словосочетании inasmuch as (помета)
        • Sometimes he thought sadly to himself, «Why?» and sometimes he thought, «Wherefore?» and sometimes he thought, «Inasmuch as which?»―and sometimes he didn’t quite know what he was thinking about.
        • Not that it took long to select the garments he should wear, inasmuch as he had no choice about the matter; but the putting of them on to the best advantage, and the touching of them up previously, was a task of no inconsiderable difficulty or importance.

    Синонимы к слову inasmuch

      • likewise

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