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Значение слова flabby

    • Определения слова flabby

      • обрюзгший
      • вялый, дряблый, отвислый (о мускулах, коже).
        • Ojo placed his hand in the flabby stuffed glove that served the Scarecrow for a hand, and the Scarecrow pressed it so cordially that the straw in his glove crackled.
        • The flesh of his cheeks was pulled taut and there was nothing soft or flabby about him.
        • His muscles were getting flabby, and his tailor called attention to his increasing waistband.
      • слабый, вялый, мягкотелый, слабохарактерный
      • влажный, сырой

    Синонимы к слову flabby

      • characterless
      • clammy
      • dabby
      • damp
      • feeble
      • flaccid
      • floppy
      • loose
      • loose-hanging
      • loppy
      • nerveless
      • out of condition
      • sagging
      • slack
      • soft
      • unfit
      • weak
      • weak-willed

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      • flabby

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